Hi, I’m Matt. I am a pet care provider, and animal lover. From the time I was born I have been around animals. I grew up in a home with dogs of various breeds. From large rottweilers to little chihuahuas and many in between. I have experience training, breeding, grooming, and taking care of dogs.  I have also personally owned birds, gerbils, hamsters, various exotic fish and even a few lizards and snakes. I have always enjoyed being around animals. Observing their behavior and trying to figure out how they think and see the world around them has always fascinated me. My wife and I have built Wiggle Your Tail as a way to do something we are passionate about. We love caring for animals, and do it in a way that allows us to really get to know and build relationships with the animals we care for, which to me is the most fulfilling part of it all.

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