How a Simple Walk Can Change Everything

A house isn’t truly a home without a furry creature in it, right? For those fortunate enough to call themselves dog owners, having a tail-wagging best friend at your side makes life that much better. With as much as our pups are a part of our lives, unfortunately adult responsibilities get in the way of dedicating every waking moment playing with our four legged comrades. Work, chores, and familial responsibilities can often leave dogs with energy that hasn’t been relieved. This pent-up energy can manifest into some of the less-liked aspects of dog ownership… like chewing on that favorite couch of yours.

But did you know that a simple walk can change everything?

Dogs tend to misbehave, have anxiety, or develop unsavory habits due to one or more of these key factors:

● Not having their energy relieved.
● A lack of mental stimulation.
● An emotional state that is a little rocky (which is especially true for rescue pups).

Your friendly neighborhood pug might not look like a wolf, but dogs developed from primitive canines thousands of years ago. Although they may have lost most of the shared characteristics, their primal need to walk still exists. When this need isn’t met, your dog’s happiness hasn’t reached its full potential. Allowing your pup to have a minimum of one walk per day helps their emotional well being in four distinct ways: helps teach socialization, builds confidence, provides structure, and supplies mental fulfillment. Any of these benefits can keep your dog’s mouth off of your favorite pair of shoes!

Like us, dogs are social creatures and have a ‘friend’ meter that needs to be filled. They want to hang out with their buddies as much as we do! But, also like us, dogs need to be exposed to social situations in order to learn how to have good manners with strangers. Teaching your dog how to meet new people and pups while on a walk is a good way to brush up on some useful skills. If your dog already has friends they know on a walk, letting them play and communicate can get your pup tired enough to snooze the whole rest of the afternoon (therefore preventing any naughty behavior).

Confidence is a really big concept for dogs of all sizes. A lack of confidence translates to destructive anxiety, a bad attitude, phobias, and other problems. This is especially true for rescue pups who need some extra TLC to help bring their confidence back. Walks have been scientifically proven to help increase confidence tenfold. Dogs build confidence when they’re able to see, smell, and experience the world around them.

Similar to children, dogs tend to do better with a routine. The structure that a daily walk helps provide can increase the dog’s comfort and familiarity with their life. In a wolf pack, the alphas provide the rules and routine for the rest of the pack. This instinct was carried into our domestic dogs, and as such, pups seek, crave, and are happier with structure. If that isn’t provided by you, they will come up with their own ideas!

Finally, mental fulfillment can tire out a dog tremendously, in a good way. When the brain is working hard to understand and process the world, it’s building key mental muscles. In the process of dogs learning, they develop an even better relationship with people. A relationship that revolves around respect and trust, which in turn, makes our furry comrades even better canine citizens.

Have a busy schedule and need someone you can trust to walk your dog? No problem! We provide private dog walking services for our precious clients. Fill out our Pet Care Request Form to schedule a Meet & Greet. We love animals and give them the love and care that they deserve!

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